4 – Whats the biggest Nation in the world <<<< Why does this Matter?

So I have been listening to alot of Eric Thomas lately
(A inspirational speaker)He said a line that made sense and was true to me a few years ago.
Whats the biggest Nation in the World?
The answer >>>> ProcrastiNation
When I was grinding it on eBay, I kept trying to do more of what was not
working, rather then changing my approach.
Even when I first met Roger (over the phone) I did not jump right into the drop shipping.
It was not that I didn’t want the success, it was that I was procrastinating on finally getting
trained, on the copy and paste method that your Now about to learn.
See, I was still trying to sell my resistance bands and work out dvds on Ebay, to ride a huge rollercoster.
I thought, “Maybe if I just start selling this product, or that product, or maybe if I start my auctions at a lower price, some how it will get bid up higher from all the hype”
Little did I know, that once I Decided Now is the time to learn, that everything would change for me.
Not only was this new method much easier (after all, it was COPY and PASTE)
but  the results were quick as well as sustainable.
I felt as though I was pushing a car in neutral and got it going quickly, to then be able
to take my hands off and see it moving with out me.
Every so often I would put up 25-50 new items to increase profits and add to the excitement.
Today, I see more opportunity then ever. I’m glad that I am Now going to be able to work
with the action takers and help guide them to success.
I truely hope you know Now, that this is your time and take action.
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Your Partner in Success,
Dion Jaffee